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This page contains the list of changes. Bug fixes are not included here!

2000/03/28 Five scripts included into garlic source package.
2000/04/10 Version 1.0 released (see below for changes)
2000/04/10 The keyword ALL may be used with the command DISCARD,
to discard all structures.
2000/04/10 The history buffer is now capable to store the commands
executed from the script.
2000/04/10 The command TAG added. With this command, a short
text may be associated with a structure. Tag is
bound to the structure, so it moves along with it.
2000/04/10 Color handling sligthly improved.
2000/04/10 Mouse clicks may be used for translations and rotations
as well as for slab and color adjustment. Click on a
selected button in a control window (top right).
2000/04/10 A simple startup logo (text) added.