Garlic Features

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Features which are already implemented are marked DONE.
Features which are still unavailable are marked TODO.
Partially available features are marked PARTIAL.

DONE Garlic is free. The source code is available to everyone.
DONE Five types of slab are available: planar, spherical, semi-spherical, cylindrical and semi-cylindrical.
DONE The slab position and thickness are visible in a small window.
DONE Atomic bonds as well as atoms are treated as independent drawable objects.
DONE The atomic and bond colors depend on position. Five mapping modes are available (as for slab).
DONE Garlic is capable to display stereo image.
TODO Garlic will be capable to display other geometric objects, like membrane, for example.
DONE Atomic information is available for atom covered by the mouse pointer. No click required, just move the mouse pointer over the structure!
DONE Garlic is capable to load more than one structure.
TODO It will be possible to replace the original residues by some others. Torsion angles will be adjustable.
PARTIAL It will be possible to color the residues according to hydrophobicity and other properties.
DONE The command prompt is available at the bottom of the main window. It is capable to display one error message and one command string.